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Presented here are the most requested and in-demand topics asked for by Carol’s clients and their employees.

NOTE: All of Carol’s seminars are 1 to 2 days in length and can be customized and adapted for either a 3-hour workshop, 1-hour keynote or a 30-minute motivational excerpt from Carol’s book “Who Says You Can’t?”


Workshops/Seminars Topics

1 . Attitude and Behaviour – Make the Connection

Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching? Make the connection between attitude and behaviour through this informative session that looks at how values, beliefs and perceptions help or hinder interactions with people and situations. Achieving success in customer service delivery, being a valuable team player to communicating effectively with others is all dependent upon your behaviour and behaviour is heavily influenced by attitude. You will learn how attitude drives behaviour and how positive attitude generates winning results. Attitude determines altitude.

2 . Behavioural Hiring and Interviewing Techniques

You can’t build a great company without great people. Hiring smart means looking for the perfect blend of energy, humour, smarts, and team spirit…in other words, the right stuff. This session will cover basic interviewing rules, common interviewing errors, the 5 stages of a typical interview and the tools you will need for your preparation work. Two huge benefits of employing behavioural interviewing techniques are maximizing the bottom line and minimizing employee turnover. Role-playing is an integral part of this session.

3 . Choices Today Impact Tomorrow - Strive to Survive Stress

Can you say “yes” to stress…we think you can? Stress is not always negative; it all depends on how much you have, for how long and how you manage it. In this session, we will explore the 4 stages of stress, the 7 main life areas of stress, 4 coping resources and 10 concrete stress-reducing tips. It is not the situation itself that is the stressor. It is our perception of it that makes it stressful. Altering perceptions and managing reactions are the keys to surviving and thriving in stress.

4. Communicate Assertively - It’s a Choice

Everyday we interact with people to get things done. Our ability to communicate with clients, customers, employees, peers and management can enhance our effectiveness or sabotage us. This session will show you how effective communication enhances career advancement opportunities, boosts self-esteem and nurtures relationships. Let us show you the way to talk smart and listen with purpose with 10 specific ways to increase your verbal and non-verbal effectiveness.

5 . Flying Saucers

What is a flying saucer? A flying saucer is something that uses up your time and energy. It is a problem, an issue, a concern, difficulty, dilemma, quandary, predicament or even a crisis. A flying saucer can be sent your way at home, in the workplace, socially, anywhere you go. Flying saucers are always zooming about looking for a landing strip. You will learn how to recognize flying saucers, develop deflective response statements and learn where saucers emerge from in the workplace and at home. We will describe the 10 indicators of saucer overload and also show you what happens when a flying saucer is ignored or avoided. This session is presented in a fun, interactive, creative format and the information has an immediate impact and makes an indelible impression on participants.

6. Handling Workplace Conflict

Managers and employees deal with a wide range of personalities, some of which are very difficult to work with, get support from or be around. Often people with a different point of view can cause tension, conflicts and absorb much time and energy. Learn behavioural patterns and strategies to deal with the hostile-aggressive, the negativists and complainers. Discover and understand the 3 main reasons why people choose to exhibit these detrimental behaviours. Everyone feels the impact of these behavioural choices and you will learn ways to balance the power.

7. Interactive Selling and Service

Do you want your employees to possess the mind-set that delivering “Positively, outrageous service is the ultimate goal?” Defining value from a customer’s point of view, to identifying the defendable differences of a business to recognizing buying motives, will be at the base of this seminar. The 4 types of selling and the 5 stages of the selling cycle will be fully explored with the aim being to increase closing ratios. You will learn skills that will boost sales and profitability through an increased understanding and implementation of the need-satisfaction sales process.

8 . Leadership and Coaching - The People Aspect of Leadership

Isn’t it time to unleash the power of focused, professional leadership in your organization? As a management professional, the pressure is on you to get more done with fewer resources, to improve the bottom-line and produce higher profits. This 2-day session will teach managers to manage through powerful applied leadership coaching techniques employing case studies, role-plays and group exercises. Perfect for front-line leaders.

9 . Managing & Understanding the 4 Generations in the Workplace

Today, organizations have one common priority…employee retention and recruitment. This training session explores relationship management and internal service as it applies to retaining and attracting employees. It will explore in detail the different way each generation views management, understands technology, the strengths each generation brings to the workplace, work ethics and the differences in the way each generation communicates. When you understand the messages each generation received from parents, society and the education system, it makes sense to manage each generation differently, remembering that different is not wrong, just different. We will explore 5 enduring motivational theories and the levels of influence and feedback for each generation.

10. Meeting Management

Let us show you how to hold a meeting that gets results…fast! This session looks at the 10 critical elements that make a meeting successful. The elements include everything from determining expected and accepted behaviours to creating time-framed agendas to minute taking to group decision processes to action planning. Productive meetings depend on leadership and we will define that role as it applies to meeting management.

11. Position Yourself Positively for Change

We live in a world of constant change and change is unavoidable. Change can be stressful and emotionally draining because you realize there is always some unknown part of the process that will affect you. Or change can be stimulating and motivating because you see opportunities and challenges. In the workplace, management and staff view change differently and our survival is directly dependent on our attitude towards it. Learn how acceptance, followed by quality can impact the effectiveness of a new idea or change. We will identify the 4 change resisters that can stall learning and growth, discuss the critical importance of having an "incubation" period and look at individuals' risk tolerance. This session will end with a parable asking you, that when it comes to change, "Are you a carrot, egg or coffee bean?"

12 . Powerful People Skills

This 2-day training session contains 4 modules:

You will learn to identify and understand your personal communication and behavioral strengths, recognize the importance of trust and respect in a team environment, explore the principles of group-decision-making and learn the skills to proactively self-market. As Teddy Roosevelt once said; “The most important single ingredient to the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”

13. Service – Internal and External

This is a must for anyone who interacts with people in the course of doing their job…which is just about everybody. It is the internal support systems that are the drivers for delivering exemplary external customer service. This session will teach you the skills to effectively problem solve and learn strategies to reduce conflict and disagreement. Learning to ask the right questions and actively listening before suggesting solutions is critical for superior service delivery. Customer service is an attitude, not a department and at the foundation of all service delivery is people.

14. Team Dynamics and Divergent Thinking

A respectful exchange of viewpoints keeps the channels of communication open, flowing and greatly increases the probability for agreement, buy-in and consensus.

This session will explore what is required to:

Dynamic teams are created and evolve…they do not just happen.

15. Time Management - Employing Smarter Ways

Most people aim at nothing in life and accomplish it with amazing accuracy. This seminar will give you the tools and skills to not only determine what goals you want to focus on, but will teach you the importance of having written goals, posting them in a place of high visibility and learning to prioritize the action items. From there you will employ bench-marking, a system to keep things always moving forward and you will learn helpful tips and strategies to overcome procrastination. Planning, scheduling and executing the to-do list will accomplish goals. Most of us run out of time long before we run out of things to do.


Last Updated July, 2008