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1. Connect Attitude and Behaviour

No other element will have more impact on your life than attitude. It is personal, unique and potentially, your most priceless possession.

Your attitude towards life will determine life’s attitude towards you.


2. De-Clutter Your Life

Want to get rid of those pesky piles and banish the mental clutter? This session will give you the 7 P’s that will move you from chaos to calm. You will learn how to employ Grandmas 1-hour solution, as well as, the ABC”s of defragging your mind. This session will deal with clutter in 3 main areas:

Reduce clutter …reclaim freedom.


3. Dig a Hole or Climb a Pole

We live in a world of constant change and most of us find change stressful. You have three choices when it comes to change…

Winning with change requires getting involved. Learn the power of understanding that all change has an ending, incubation and transition period and a new beginning. Change is a voyage of self-discovery and opportunity…learn how to embrace change to move forward.


4. Dodging Stressful Flying Saucers

You never know when or where a flying saucer will descend upon you and give you one more thing to do. We will show you how to make conscious decisions when accepting flying saucers.

Are you:

Learn to:

Flying saucers zoom, whirl, spin and eventually land somewhere. It could be on you….watch out!!!


5. Live Your Life Like You Really Mean It…Celebrate

Moments of greatness or happiness give us repeated pleasure when we might need it the most. It can give you strength to tackle life’s obstacles and remind you of your resourcefulness. This spirit of thinking will guide you to an optimistic life filled with celebrations. We will cover the 4 thinking patterns that can thwart celebration. Mapping out a life plan that will allow you to live your life like you really mean it, needs to be intentional…let us show you the way.


6. One Hour To Sanity

A humorous and practical approach to stress management. When you explore a typical day in most people’s lives, you can begin to recognize that from early morning to late at night people are constantly multi-tasking, making a vast number of decisions and choices. No wonder we are stressed. Finding the right balance and what works for you is at the root of this keynote. Fun and information-packed with realistic solutions.


7. Professionalism and the Art of Self-Marketing

In this session, the following questions will be addressed:


8. Swim With The Sharks And Survive

To explain this session best would be to say, in conflict and/or negotiation situations, be careful of the sharks. Sharks are more than just difficult. Sharks can be people or organizations with their own agendas, often determined to win at all costs. Sharks can take a nibble, bite, attack, circle, stalk and sometimes eat you. Learning to be an assertive communicator and a skilful negotiator will balance the power. This session will provide you with tips to swim to safety and come out alive.


9. Teachable Moments

Leadership involves getting others to willingly do the things you want them to do. A teachable moment is a 10 to 15 minute coaching opportunity that ultimately increases employee’s competencies, skills and accountability. The teachable moment’s concept employs a 3-step process which is quick, easy and effective. Take a moment to teach…everyone wins.


Last Updated July, 2008